Thursday, March 7, 2013

Korean Eyebrows

I absolutely love the straight and full Korean eyebrow look. It gives the most youthful, kind, and cute look to the face. Eyebrows definitely make a HUGE DIFFERENCE to your look. I am definitely following this tutorial, and I hope you guys try it out as well! Here's to new brows! :D Thank you so much to Wengie for doing this tutorial <3

xoxo, Megan

Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY nails-hearts, stars, flowers

I wanted to add little diamonds on each nail for more glam, but i forgot that I didn't have any at the moment :( Oh well, this was just a quick little something I did for fun before I head to college! I was actually inspired by japanese nail art, but I didn't have the time to be so detailed and elaborate. Anyway,    share some of your favorite nail ideas down below! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getty Museum X Art Walk

Here are a few pictures and a little video of my visit to the Getty Museum and the Art Walk in L.A. :) I apologize for the choppiness of this video, but I still hope you enjoy!

A Day in the Life-Getty Museum

top-calvin klein,skirt-f21,shoes-converse,bag-from hong kong,flower necklace-f2, opal ring(not seen closely here)-vintage

admiring artwork...there were honestly way too many pics i took so here is jus one :)
jumping for joy! :) excuse my awkward

over lookin' l.a...<3 the midst of the "secret garden"
I thoroughly enjoyed going to the Getty Museum. There were so many beautiful art works, sculptures, and old artifacts that are bound to really astound you. Even if you usually don't like attending art museums I am sure you will enjoy going to this one. There is just a certain wow factor! If not that, the architecture, view, and ambiance of the entire museum will for sure please you :) A video will be up soon dedicated to my trip to the Getty and much more in l.a. so stay tuned!

xoxo, Megan

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Be Yourself

    From the title of this post you are probably expecting a good old pep talk about how being yourself is so important. Sure, of course being yourself is important...and there are countless articles that talk about this. But, I do not recall ever coming across one that discusses how difficult it really is. is my little piece of mind :)
    Especially if you are in high school...most of the time all you want to do is fit in and conform to the standard of "cool" at your school. Adults say to be yourself, but you are afraid of what others might think of you if you really do. I totally get it! I think most teenagers feel the same way, so if you are a teenager reading are not alone!
     I think as a society we all chase after the popular brands and hot trends that sometimes we end up losing sight of who we really are. We just follow what society deems beautiful at the moment. Of course I'm not saying that following trends is a sin, but what I really am trying to say is that we should not follow them blindly. Take fashion icons like Elle Fanning who is an icon because she could care less about fitting in and dresses her way. And so I leave you all with this quote from my favorite, Dr. Seuss. Have an amazing day! <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

High School is Over!! Now what?

    In high school, all everyone worried about was doing everything possible to get into the college of their dreams. However, now that high school is over...we are faced with the much more serious question. What do we want to do with our lives? I used to think I had an idea...maybe attorney or after my dreams of becoming a singer in Hong Kong (everybody dreams right?). It also was not all too uncommon for kids to dream of being entertainers in Los Angeles. Anyway, it was not until my senior summer that I really thought about what I wanted to pursue as a career...I wanted to be sincerely happy and passionate about my work, but I was not too sure that being an attorney would be the answer.
    Then one day I got the opportunity to tour a news station in Hong Kong. Seeing how the news anchors reported live and how the tapes were edited was absolutely fascinating and thrilling to me. Thus, this experience sparked my interest in journalism.
    Now, I have my eyes on the prize. I know strenuous times lie ahead of me, but as my dad has always told pain,no gain.